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Thread: FCS Facilities

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    FCS Facilities

    I enjoy seeing what other school's facilities look like. Let's see what your school's facilities look like!

    Looking at Washington-Grizzly Stadium, you'd never guess that Montana has one of the worst facilities in the Big Sky and probably the entire FCS. Fortunately, UM is in the process of raising donations to build a new locker/weight facility in the next couple of years.

    Washington-Grizzly Stadium (25,217)
    Record Attendance: 26,293 - Aug. 31, 2014 vs Appalachian State

    Dahlberg Arena (7,321)

    Current Weight Room:

    Current Locker Room:

    New Planned Locker/Weight Room Facility:

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    Re: FCS Facilities

    We get App St. back here again this year huh?

    Good thread. We do have a fairly large stadium thread somewhere but I haven't seen that in a long time.
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    Re: FCS Facilities

    Dear GetEm.If you want to see FBS,FCS, D2,D3 etc stadiums, just visit the schools web site. When you guys gonna use all that flare and get back in to the hunt?

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    Re: FCS Facilities

    I like that photo of Wa-Griz with the mountain in the backdrop.

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    Re: FCS Facilities

    Ace W. Mumford Stadium is a 28,500-seat multi-purpose stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It opened in 1928, and is home to the Southern University Jaguars and Southern Laboratory High School Kittens football teams, as well as the Southern University women's soccer team. It is named after coach A.W. "Ace" Mumford, the most successful coach in Southern University football history, who coached from 1937 until 1961.

    A.W. Mumford Stadium
    Capacity: 29,500
    Attendance Record: 32,000 vs Jackson St, October 17, 1998 (Opening Day)

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    Re: FCS Facilities

    Provost-Umphrey Stadium

    Built in 1964. Original capacity 17,500 reduced to 16,000 during 2010 complete renovation. Record attendance is 18,500 in 1980. Record attendance since 2010 return of football is 17,308.

    Montagne Center

    10,080 capacity for basketball built in 1984. Located adjacent to Provost Umphrey overlooking the north end zone.

    Dauphin Athletic Complex

    Built in 2010. 54,000 sq ft Located adjacent to Provost Umphrey Stadium overlooking the south end zone.

    Vincent Beck Baseball Stadium

    Built in 1969 with several renovations over the years. We have a major renovation for the future ($5.5 million), but sadly the date keeps sliding. Capacity 3,500.

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    Re: FCS Facilities

    Quote Originally Posted by ursus arctos horribilis View Post
    We get App St. back here again this year huh?

    Good thread. We do have a fairly large stadium thread somewhere but I haven't seen that in a long time.
    Oops! I wish!

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    Re: FCS Facilities

    Someone told me WaGriz was loud and cold

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    Go Griz!!! I promise the jinx won't happen this year.
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    Re: FCS Facilities

    Well, McNeese's facilities are good in some areas and just okay in others.

    The newish Field House has nice new weight room, locker room, equipment room, all kinds of team meeting rooms, new ticket office, football offices etc. The stadium is still the same but has a nice new coat of paint. The baseball and softball fields are just adequate, not bad but not great. The track was resurfaced a few years back and is okay.

    We are finally have raised funds to build an on campus basketball facility but that is a few years away.

    I guess we aren't in too bad a shape considering all the budget cuts to higher education in Louisiana. Not bad but could be better but I don't seeing us keeping up in the future.


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    Re: FCS Facilities

    General Johnson Hagood, CSA, Stadium
    The Citadel Bulldogs
    Cap 21,000

    McAlister Field House
    Cap 6,000

    Riley Park
    Cap 6,500 The Army of Northern Virginia was never defeated. It merely wore itself out whipping the enemy.
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