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    Re: How They Fared - Week 1 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by knucklehead View Post
    I don't have them top 10 just yet. Close though. Just don't think 1 game is enough evidence for ANY big moves.
    I'm okay with this.

    We looked damn good, but (and this is the pessimist in me a little bit) App State just did not look ready to play.

    Most of those 3rd and long situations were caused by their own mishaps. Tons of stupid penalties.

    That said, the Griz could have (and should have) easily hung 40+ on them. We basically gave them the ball on their own 3 yard line as we were about to score, and then took a knee to end the game instead of scoring again. 30-6 doesn't really indicate how lopsided that game really was.

    If we keep winning, we'll be top 5 again in no time.
    Waiting for the Griz to become relevant again.

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    Re: How They Fared - Week 1 2013


    Courtesy of UNHWildCats

    "Win, but be careful not to win too much. It's not healthy for our institution." - Lafayette Athletics Mission Statement

    "And [Bucknell] is a big game because?" - flyfisher

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    Re: How They Fared - Week 1 2013

    MSW and MSL might be kind of challenging this week.
    Six National Championships. All won via a playoff in the second highest level of football.

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    Re: How They Fared - Week 1 2013

    Jacksonville State University
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    Re: How They Fared - Week 1 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by FCS_pwns_FBS View Post
    MSW and MSL might be kind of challenging this week.
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