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dirty bird
August 13th, 2010, 10:39 AM
Dan McCartney has been reporting about UTSA football since the beginning. Currently, he has a column in the paper and a blog on SA EN website that he writes detailing UTSA's football progress.

In the latest installment, he mentions the amounts of suites that are allocated to UTSA at the Alamadome, practice schedules, season ticket sales and concessions deals.



August 14th, 2010, 08:06 AM
Not too bad for UTSA...

* The details of UTSA's contract with the Alamdome has been finalized in principle, with the city keeping all revenue for parking and concessions and UTSA keeping revenue from ticket sales, merchandise and sponsorship. Parrott said the contract should be signed by Sept. 1.

He estimates UTSA will make between 75-80 cents for every dollar generated. For a crowd of 20,000, that's about $187,000.

* Parrott said UTSA has received verbal commitments to rent 28 of the 36 suites for which it will receive full revenue. (The Alamodome has 52 total suites -- the 36 currently being offered, four allocated to UTSA administration, 10 kept by the city and 10 smaller reserve units from which revenue will be split between the city and UTSA.)


Interested to see the season ticket sales numbers after they open to the public.