View Full Version : UNI vs. Iowa

September 8th, 2009, 11:42 AM
First off, can someone point me out to an already created game thread for this matchup? I'm too stupid to find it.

Anyway, I was watching this game away from the internet and couldn't post during the game. (I'm an Iowa fan by birth)

I just wanted to say, UNI is really, really good. Iowa came out flat, but when Iowa finally decided to play in the second half They only outscored the Panthers 14-6.

UNI's two D-tackles, #98 and #93 manhandled Iowa's offensive line ALL DAY. (and the Hawkeye O-line is supposed to be special this year.

Pat Grace is one of the smartest run/pass qb's I've ever seen.

Elijah Hodge is a HUGE addition.

Finally, MVFC foes have to pull their hair out preparing for that offense. You have no idea where the ball is going until it gets there. Iowa actually runs a defense that works well against that "misdirection spread." They just stay home and play their gaps, which is probably why the Hawkeyes held the Panthers to only 16 points. No way an FCS team holds the Panthers below 16.

Mentally for UNI, after the crushing playoff loss and now this loss one of two things will happen. 1) Motivation and excellent play will set in and they will be unstoppable this year. 2) Players will lose motivation under the weight of such crushing defeats. I think the former is more likely, as Farely is a good coach, and he's dealing with 69 Iowa kids, who are normally mentally tough.

Great game.