View Full Version : Big Sky Power Rankings 10-27

October 27th, 2008, 09:26 PM
With the season going pretty much topsy-turvy, we have a team that finally is in the driver's seat for the conference title...EWU, no. UM, no. NAU, no. That team is........Weber State. Undefeated in conference play and that includes games against both Montana and Northern Arizona already. Clearly, it is the Wildcats to lose and, after this last weekend, that does not look like its going to happen. Here are this week's power rankings in the Big Sky. All are just my opinion and all are open for discussion. This week (last week).

1. Weber State (2)---After last week's paltry effort against Northern Colorado, the Wildcats entered their big game on the road against Northern Arizona and basically ended it after the first quarter. Can they coast the rest of the year? That game at home against the Bears may have raised some eyebrows. This week, they return home to host Portland State, a team that put 68 points on that stellar Wildcat defense last year. Can the Wildcats keep momentum going all the way to the playoffs?

2. Montana (1)---The Grizzlies did all they could do in dismantling Northern Colorado last week. They just fell victim to something they could not control in Weber State's win over Northern Arizona. Roles are now reversed and the Griz find themselves looking up at an opponent as November decends on us. This week, a return home against Northern Arizona. One step at a time.

3. Northern Arizona (3)---The Jacks had Weber State right where they wanted them, then the game began. Before they knew it, they had spotted the Wildcats three touchdowns and could not get back into it. Now they have to go to Missoula, to play a team that Sauers has never beaten in the years since he has been with the Jacks, in order to try to salvage the season. How scary is that?

4. Eastern Washington (4)---Always a great time for a bye and the Eagles took advantage of it, letting the spotlight shift to Weber State, Montana and Northern Arizona. Now, fresh off the off week, they can get back into the conference race. It starts this week at home against Sacramento State. Can they make up ground?

5. Montana State (5)---Needing a win on the road after two big losses at home, the Bobcats delivered with a big time slaying of Sacramento State, keeping slight title hopes alive. With Northern Colorado coming to Bozeman this weekend, the Bobcats remember last year. A win keeps them going, a loss will kill it.

6. Portland State (7)---For as bad as the Vikings have played on the road, they relish in the home confines of PGE Park. Recovering from the road loss to Northern Arizona, the Vikings greeted Idaho State with a superb performance at home (as usual). They obviously are not looking forward to the game this weekend as they have to go on the road to Weber State. Can they pretend they are at home?

7. Northern Colorado (6)---OK so it was Montana, but the Bears had been playing everyone pretty close and losing at the end. The Grizzlies came out and made sure that was not going to happen. Two scores at the end made the game seem closer than it was. This weekend, the Bears head into Bozeman to face Montana State, whom they beat last year in Greeley. Can history repeat itself?

8. Sacramento State (8)---A slight chance to salvage the season playing the conference's own version of Dr. Jeckyll (I mean Montana State) and the Hornets muffed the opportunity. A promising season pretty much gone now. If not, maybe this week as the Hornets head to Cheney to face Eastern Washington. Is it over?

9. Idaho State (9)---So the Bengals played Portland State pretty even the first half, then could not get anything going in the second half. The Bengals failed to score on Portland State's defense that everyone scores on. This week a relief as they don't have to face any conference teams. Instead, they head to Cal Poly. Not much of a relief.

As a breakdown, I have WSU out front, but not that far ahead of UM. NAU is pretty much on an island, with EWU, MSU and PSU pretty equal. UNC, Sac State and ISU pretty much done now.