View Full Version : Title Game: Local Support (and radio info)

December 14th, 2006, 04:50 PM
I was discussing with some officials today that really feel like the sellout this year will do nothing but help local tickets sales (no matter the teams...meaning, even if not a SoCon school).

There really is an energy here for this game...a buzz...that I honestly have not seen in the last 9 years.

I hear people constantly saying..."are you going to the game?"

On the talk radio station today, they are basically doing 6 straight hours of coverage...and tomorrow the Sport Talk crew will be live in the pavilion from 4-7pm

In Chattanooga, 102.3FM is the flagship for UC sports...but tonight at 7pm, the ASN (Appalachian Sports Network) will be LIVE doing a preview show

...and for those who want to listen to the game on the radio while in the stadium, 102.3 will carry the ASN broadcast of the national championship game.

(oh, and a side note...if they can get clearance to do this, they are talking about putting a big video screen out in the pavilion and showing the game live)

I took a bunch of pictures of the stadium this afternoon during UMass' warmups and will get them up on here as soon as possible. Included in the photos are some pics of what the view looks like from both endzones (from the bleacher seats and the SRO in the plaza).