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May 25th, 2005, 10:23 PM
Welcome one and all to the 7th annual GreatAppSt countdown!! WOO HOO!!! While most others are still concerned and focusing themselves on spring blossoms, the return of warm weather, and the beaches, my eyes and heart are firmly affixed on Football season. The beginning of cool fall weather, outdoor food, drink, good spirits, ;-} gatherings and another Division I-AA football campaign is something myself and most of you who read this look forward too with enthusiasm.
The G.A.S. Countdown is NOT just the often used impersonal automatic clock countdown. This countdown IS a time consuming work of passion for the enjoyment of others and myself. The G.A.S. countdown IS the often imitated but never duplicated ORIGINAL (like a Coney Island hot dog) build up to a new season of thrills, chills, and spills. Fun for ALL and all are welcomed along for the (like all Italian pizzeria's claim), Worlds Best Countdown.

1.) This is the G.A.S. Countdown.
2.) Only full 24 hr calendar days left before game time are counted.
3.) I countdown to the beginning what MY own heart is passionate and concerned with, the start of APPALACHIAN STATES FOOTBALL SEASON!!!
4.) Usually (Rule 4)this is where the pledge that the day will be posted goes. Unfortunately this year for the first two weeks or so I cannot give this pledge. :( :( I close on my new home in Delaware this Friday. With all the things that moving involves, (especially driving time from and to Charlotte)including disconnection/connection of internet service I may miss some days. I will do my best. ;)


Today (the day it is) is not counted because with work and other obligations and acts of god, sometimes there may only be a few hrs left when the countdown is posted. (See rule 2.)
Game day is not counted because there or only hours left before game times, 12 Noon 1 pm 4 pm etc. (Again see rule 2.)
If your team begins their season before September 3rd just subtract the days and you have your count, if after the 3rd add the days. If you can't figure it out please see rule #1.
Okay, if it makes you angry that I don't countdown for other teams start dates or you think this countdown is not done correctly, Iím sorry please refer to rule #3 and then rule #1. ;-)
In the past I have posted the countdown from Kinko's after a computer crash, internet bars while on vacations. Even hospitable and understanding rancher's homes in the high backcountry wilds of Idaho and Montana while on fishing excursions and sometimes if needed by proxy. This year might be a bit rocky at first with my move. :( refer to rule #4.

Like most growing things I try to keep the G.A.S. Countdown an ever evolving work. In past countdowns there have been just the days left posted. For the past three seasons ASU player stats by jersey #s. I will include many other teams players as well under the heading(THE COMPETITION). Thanks too many of you for providing some player #'s and stats for your team it is greatly appreciated.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do posting it.

May 25th, 2005, 10:24 PM
100 DAYS!!

I've never seen a jersey higher than 99 so I'll sub in the ASU staff for today. :)

Head Coach Jerry Moore Baylor 16th
John Wiley, Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs East Texas, 1984 14th
Dale Jones, Linebackers Tennessee, 1988 Ninth
Scott Satterfield, Quarterbacks Appalachian, 1996 Seventh
Shawn Elliott, Offensive Line Appalachian, 1996 Eighth
Chris Moore, Running Backs Appalachian, 1999 10th
Mark Speir, Defensive Line/Recruiting Coordinator Clemson, 1990 Second
Jason Blalock Appalachian , 2003 First