View Full Version : 2012 AGS Top Voting Rules Update

May 28th, 2012, 12:26 AM
There have been a few questions on the rules so I am just posting these as a refresher and after some discussion, there has been an additional rule added for the next season (in bold).

1. *Voters must be AGS approved members meeting the following minimum criteria. *prospective voters must have been a registered member of AGS since 5/21/2011 and posted 100 or more times by 5/21/2012 on the AGS site.* Exceptions here will be considered on a case by case basis by the Poll Committee, send a private message to AGS Poll to be brought up in front of the committee.
2. Voters must register for the regular season poll prior to the end .
3. Voters agree to vote objectively.
4. Voters must vote for all top 25 places each week. (Take pride that your participation here is the largest key to the success of your AGS Football community's poll every week. Please don't undertake this privilege lightly. Your commitment to the poll is recognized and appreciated greatly)
5. Voters may not miss voting more than three weeks the entire regular season. reinstatement for absenteeism will be at the discrection of the poll committee.
6. Voters agree to abide by the rules and Poll Committee decisions.
7. Voting must be done each week between Saturdays after the conclusion of the week's games and Mondays at noon (EST).
8. The lone exception to the time to submit ballots is the final regular season poll. This will be announced by the Poll Committee.
9. Poll Committee members will monitor for rules abuse. Ballots and/or voting may be denied. Voters will be asked to re-cast their ballot as time allows. *Check your PM's*
10. no team with less than two votes for #1 will be reported.

Homer Rule
In the event that a voter submits a ballot with the team supported by the voting member listed as number one, and during that week's poll that is the only number one vote for that team, the ballot will not be accepted. However, the member will not be considered to have missed voting.

PM Rule
It is the responsibility of every voting member to check their private messages regularly for any questions from the AGS Poll Committee. If a voter receives a private message from the Poll Committee about their ballot and the voter does not reply to the message before submitting his or her next ballot, the voter will have been deemed to have missed a vote. This will combine with any weeks missed to count toward a total of two missed ballots. We appreciate your interest in participating and encourage you to become active in the forums and register for the poll when you become eligible.

Duplicate Vote Rule
As stated above, it is the responsibility of every voting member to check their private messages. The majority of the PM's sent throughout the season are due to duplicates in the ballot and a response correcting the ballot is not always received in time for that weeks poll. In previous seasons, if someone did not respond in time, the entire ballot was thrown out. Starting with the 2012 season, any ballot received with duplicate votes, for example Alabama A&M at #17 and #22, will still be counted but the higher ranking will be dropped. In the above case, Alabama A&M would only receive 4 points for the #22 ranking, but all other teams in the ballot will receive the appropriate points for their ranking. This keeps your ballot as intact as possible while not rewarding teams for duplicates. It is still highly advisable that you check your PM's and try to remedy the situation prior to the closing of the poll as repeatedly failing to correct your poll could lead to your votes not being counted.

Any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to reply here or send a PM.